Porto campanha train station

porto campanha train station

Where is the Campanhã train station?

The train station of Campanhã is located in the East of Porto (Portugal). The train station of Campanhã is located in the East of Porto (Portugal). Online shop for train tickets of the Portuguese Railways CP. Make your journey easier: buy only one Interrail or Eurail pass instead of several train tickets.

How to get From Campanhã to Porto?

It is also connected to the São Bento train station which is only a five minutes train ride from Campanhã. You should also be aware that more trains depart from Campanhã train station than from São Bento. The Trains available on this Porto train station are Internacional, Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and Urban trains.

What is the name of Portos main train station?

Campanhã Train Station to the east of central Porto is Portos main train station. Campanhã Station dates from 1877. The station is the terminus station for international trains to Portugal, and a main station for intercity and ALFA Pendular trains to the south of Portugal including Lisbon (3-4 hours) and Coimbra (75 minutes).

Where is Porto-Campanhã train station?

Situated to the east of the city away from the downtown area of Porto in the Campanhã neighborhood, Porto-Campanhã train station is Porto’s main train station. It is older than the São Bento station and the major train station for intercity rail travels to Lisbon and the international terminus for trains going to Spain.

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