Citroen ds4

citroen ds4

What is the new Citroen DS 4?

Formerly known as the Citroen DS4, the facelifted ‘DS [Space]4’ has gone the way of the DS 5. Expunged of Citroen badges and endowed with the new corporate grille, the new DS 4 is, like its predecessor, something a bit different. It’s still a five-door hatchback, but it has the profile of a coupe and the ride height of a compact SUV.

What is the boot space of a Citroën DS 4?

The DS 4 is available with Start&Stop technology and Citroën says that the battery has been optimised to withstand up to 600,000 starting cycles. The boot is 385 litres or 1021 litres with the back seats folded down. The DS 4s styling has been very well received by the international press.

How many CC is a DS 4 engine?

At launch, the petrol engines that powered the DS 4 were all a product of a collaboration between PSA and BMW, all being 1,598 cc four-cylinder, 16 valve units. The base VTi 120 was normally aspirated and put out 120 PS (88 kW).

How good is the performance of the Mitsubishi DS 4?

Performance is as strong as you’d want it to be, at least with the 197bhp engine of our test car, and gearshift quality is good. Our experience of the DS 4 equipped with the 161bhp 2.0-litre diesel proved mostly positive.

Whats new for the DS 4?

New for the DS 4 is a plug-in hybrid engine, which combines a turbocharged 180hp petrol engine with an electric motor for a combined 225hp. No word yet on a claimed fuel return, but you can expect it to be capable of 30 miles of electric driving only. A plug-in hybrid option will be a first for the DS 4.

Is the Citroen DS 4 a diesel car?

Once a Citroen, the DS 4 is now part of the DS Automobiles range that chases Audi, BMW and other premium brands. It’s around the size of an Audi A3 or BMW 1 Series, but a little taller than both. Diesel engines range from a 118bhp 1.6-litre up to a 2.0-litre with 148bhp or 178bhp – the latter only available with an automatic gearbox.

Is the Opel dS4 a good car to buy?

The 4 on the other hand is built in Opels German factory and is clearly better aimed at European buyers. Even with just the DS 3 and DS 7, the brand managed to overtake Lexus for sales in Western Europe and is closing in on Alfa Romeo. The Germans are still miles ahead but DS is gaining traction and the 4 should ease it along some more.

Whats the difference between a DS4 and a DS7?

The heavily revised platform is, says DS, much stronger than before (before includes the DS 7 and the DS 9), has better underfloor aerodynamics and is significantly stronger for crash-protection, without adding any weight. Unlike the bigger DSs, the 4 always has a torsion-beam rear axle not the multi-link. Boo.

What kind of engine does a Citroën DS 4 have?

Citroën initially offered two diesel engines in the DS 4 – the HDi 110, a 1,560 cc four-cylinder that put out 112 PS (82 kW) and the four-cylinder HDi 160 also found in the sedan Citroën C5. There was also a 2-liter diesel displacing 1,997 cc and producing 163 PS (120 kW).

Is the Mitsubishi DS 4 a petrol car?

Petrol versions of the DS 4 obviously can’t match the economy of the diesel models, but the PureTech 130’s 57.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 114g/km (for a BiK rate of 21%) are good for a petrol-engined car.

What is the new DS4 hatchback?

The second generation DS 4 Hatchback was unveiled on 3 February 2021. It is meant as a replacement for the DS 5 which was discontinued in 2018 and is based on the PSA EMP1 platform of PSA Group. The car comes in three models, DS4 Crossback, DS4 Performance Line, and the main DS4 hatchback.

Whats the difference between the DS4 and C4?

While the taller body might lead you to believe otherwise, the DS 4 has been set up to deliver a sportier drive than the more mainstream C4 and its suspension is much stiffer. Tackle corners at speed and theres noticeably less body lean in corners, so the car feels more agile.

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