Who is the mayor of Constanța?

The current mayor of Constanța is Vergil Chițac [ ro] (National Liberal Party). The mayors elected since the 1989 revolution have been the following ones: Constanța is home to several football clubs, with FCV Farul Constanța playing in the Romanian first division.

What are the key facts of Constanța?

The Constanța metropolitan area includes 14 localities within 30 km (19 mi) of the city, and with a total population of 425,916 inhabitants, it is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Romania . The Port of Constanța has an area of 39.26 km 2 (15.16 sq mi) and a length of about 30 km (19 mi).

What happened to King Constance of Portugal?

Constance died on the 13 November 1345, weeks after giving birth to her son and future King of Portugal, Fernando. She was buried four years later in Santarém, Portugal. Her husband presumably married Inês after Constances death; however, Inês was later murdered on the orders of King Afonso.

Who was King Constanza of Villena?

Constanza Manuel of Villena (1315/1323 – 13 November 1345) was the daughter of Castilian nobleman and writer Don Juan Manuel (1282–1348), Duke of Peñafiel, and his second wife Constance of Aragon, daughter of James II of Aragon .

What does Constanța have to offer?

It consists of Dolphinarium, Planetarium, Exotic Birds Exhibition, and Micro Delta. The current mayor of Constanța is Vergil Chițac [ ro] (National Liberal Party). The mayors elected since the 1989 revolution have been the following ones:

How many people live in the city of Constanța?

According to the 2002 Romanian census, there were 310,471 people living within the city of Constanța, making it the fifth most populous city in Romania. , 283,872 inhabitants live within the city limits, a decrease from the figure recorded at the 2002 census.

Why is Constanța important to Romania?

The city became Romanias main seaport and transit point for much of Romanias exports. The Constanța Casino, which is both a historic monument and a modern symbol of the city, was the first building constructed on the shore of the Black Sea after Dobruja came under Romanian administration, with the cornerstone being laid in 1880.

What is the economic development of Constanța like?

Tourism has been an increasingly important economic activity in recent years. Although Constanța has been promoted as a seaside resort since the time of Carol I, the development of naval industry had a detrimental effect on the citys beaches.

When did Queen Constance of Portugal die?

On 18 November 1313, one day after she had dictated her testament, in which she appointed executors to her parents, the Kings of Portugal, Queen Constance of Portugal died in Sahagún at the age of 23, which caused that Infante Juan and his partisans decided to agree with Queen María de Molina, offering her to be the guardian of the King in the t...

What is St Constance of Portugal known for?

Constance of Portugal (pt: Constança; 3 January 1290 – Sahagún, 18 November 1313; Portuguese pronunciation: [kõʃˈtɐ̃sɐ] ), was Queen of Castile by her marriage to Ferdinand IV . She was the eldest child and only daughter of King Denis of Portugal and his wife Elizabeth of Aragon, later Saint.

What happened to the real king of Portugal?

On a chilly February day in 1908, the King of Portugal and his family were making their way back to their home in Lisbon after a holiday when tragedy struck. Gunmen attacked their carriage, fatally wounding the King.

What happened to Queen Constance of Spains remains?

After her death, the remains of Queen Constance were buried in the Royal Monastery of San Benito in Sahagún, where King Alfonso VI of León and Castile and several of his wives had been buried.

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